Transformation is coming (Prophetic Word)

"Transformation is coming to those who have been Contending. It's coming to those who have been hidden, and been consistent for their region. There have been those who have yet to fully embrace the reality of transformation as the process has appeared constraint. However, it's because of the consistency they will see the manifestation of a metamorphosis. The atmosphere doesn't look right. The darkness seems to be all around. The intensity of the fire seems too cool for anything to ignite. But know this, I am releasing the breakthrough of Transformation. The time is now." (A word I received from the LORD on 8/9/16) Butterflies Everywhere When I am not on the road traveling to speak at differe

Overcoming an Illegitimate Identity

There are an overwhelming amount of individuals who struggle daily with the idea of doing something for God, as they are consumed within a idea of feeling like that have no value in their life, or that they are simply worthless. These two concepts, valueless and worthless, have kept many from fulfilling everything that God created them for. So, how can individuals become unwilling to be effective in their obedience to the voice of The LORD? I believe that the answer can be discovered by understanding what an Illegitimate Spirit can do to those within the Body of Christ. Yes, there are many in the Body of Christ today that are being hindered because of illegitimacy. David was in the field Now

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