3 Essential Prophetic Keys Before Releasing Your Next (Social Media) Word

We all have the tendency to look back and think about what life would have been like for the heroes that we read about in God's Word. With that same thought pattern we can also wonder what it could have been for those same heroes to live in the day of social media and instant communication. Would the message of Isaiah or Jeremiah been able to spread with LIKES and HEARTS, or with ANGRY FACES and multiple argumentative comments? Would the words and miracles of Jesus spread throughout the land so fast that the crowds would've been more vocal during the times of his arrest? We can play the scenario over and over, but the truth is that those individuals did not live in a day of social media. How

The Scales of Integrity

Regardless of how you may have voted in the recent Presidential election, the one thing that was a definite outcome was that this Nation is still divided on many levels. Granted there are many issues that we as citizens of this Nation must work to make better, but the greater concern for me is the division that I see within the Body of Christ. This isn't a word necessarily concerning Political Agendas or Platforms. It's not a word concerning the division of whether or not there is a Rapture. It's not even a word concerning the debate of a strange fire. I want to share with you a recent vision the LORD showed me in prayer concerning the Ekklesia and the days that are before us. There's that w

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