Recently we had a long time supporter of Ryan Johnson Ministries come to us with an idea that they felt like the LORD had spoken to them concerning the ministry. As we listened to him share his heart and vision for this word, we instantly recognized the value of what he was sharing. 

He began to share that everyone has some kind of program that you are a part of. Whether it's for coffee, a gym, fuel, and/or fuel. There is a club to join for everything these days. From there he shared his vision and we began to see how this was truly a word that we could connect with.

CLUB 52 (c52)

52 weeks per year

7 days per week

$1.50 per day

For $10.50 per could help support RJM

Club 52 is an opportunity for you to co-labor with Ryan Johnson Ministries. For $10.50 every week you can help us to continue the work that we are striving to equip and advance the Kingdom for the Glory of the LORD. When you commit to have $10.50 per week withdrawn from your account, you will receive a monthly newsletter, special messages, and gifts throughout the year that is only for the members of c52. 


If you're interested in signing up, please click the link below...

(Instructions for the LINK)

Amount: $10.50

Give to: GIVING

Choose to give through Card and/or Bank Account

Cover Fees: Not Necessary, that is your decision

Setup Automated Giving: Weekly (Choose which day of the week works best for you)