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In How to Contend for Your Miracle, Ryan Johnson taps into this all-important vein—a vein that too few focus on or even understand. Many believers receive prophetic words as unconditional. They hear a prophecy at the altar, call their friends, and tell them about the wonderful word of the Lord they received, then forget about it as if it will come to pass all by itself. Ryan explains that you have to supernaturally partner with heaven to see your prophetic promises come to pass—then he gives you keys to cross the prophetic finish line. Ryan’s book shares practical stories, sound theology, and the inspiration you need to dust off the prophecies you gave up on and believe again. As you read this book, you will come into the understanding that it’s never too late to believe God—and God is never late. Many times we think we’re waiting on Him when He’s actually wait- ing on us. So whether your part is to wait, war, or “only believe,” you’ll get the guidance you need to glorify God with the manifestation of His will for you as you read the pages of this timely book. Thanks, Ryan, for writing it!

Jennifer LeClaire Founder, Jennifer LeClaire Ministries

Best-selling author, The Making of a Prophet

Senior Leader, Awakening House of Prayer

In this book Ryan equips you with practical tools to activate your faith and receive prophetic promises. You will discover how to bring the super into your natural.

Jason Armstrong

Founder of Remnant Fire Ministries

Associate Pastor Summit Church

TN State Leader Heartland Apostolic Prayer Network

Ryan Johnson has woven together a tapestry in How to Contend for Your Miracle that will equip you in under- standing the importance of faith, hope and trust in the Lord. From the richness of the Word of God to the first- hand personal accounts of faith in action, you will be blessed and empowered to stand firm in the prophetic promises of a faithful God over your life.”

Dawn Hill

Prophetic Writer and Blogger, The Lovesick Scribe

How to Contend for Your Miracle is more than a book on faith. It is the rendering of Ryan’s real gift of digging deep into the unexplored caverns of the Word. These writings incorporate so much of the Word of God that one cannot deny the authenticity. Absorbing the contents of this book, will give exponential growth to new faith, breathe life into weakened or lethargic faith, and fortify strong faith that will not be denied, as promises turn into provision! One cannot read it without gaining eyes to “see” the unseen!

Barbara Hensley

Pastor, The Upper Room Church

This book is a must read. Throughout this book, Ryan lays down a pathway for seeing the prophetic realized in your life. When you marry faith with the pro-phetic, the results are powerful! As you read this, allow the Holy Spirit to build your faith and watch how God moves in your life!

Joshua Gay

Pastor, High Praise Orlando


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