Illegitimacy is the first from Christian Author and Minister, Ryan Johnson.

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Apostle Jennifer LeClaire (Ignite Network, Awakening Blaze Prayer Movement) - “Jesus came to give us a new identity—a new life. The enemy wants to blind us from who we are in Christ so he can make our life a hell on earth and steal our eternal rewards. You have authority. You have power. You have influence. But if you don’t understand who you really are you will never walk in the anointing He’s given you to impact the world around you. In Illegitimacy, Ryan Johnson shines light on the subtle deceptions the enemy uses to keep you in the dark about your value, worth—and identity—in Christ. This book will empower you to step into the fullness of what God has called you to be and do for His glory. Get ready for an revolutionary encounter as you read the pages of this manuscript.”

Pastor Joshua Gay​ (High Praise Orlando) This book is a must read! Ryan reveals the strategy of the enemy to pervert and steal the identity that God wants to release within sons and daughters. Furthermore, Ryan eloquently details the revelation of who we are called to be as sons and joint-heirs with Christ. As you read this, any hold that illegitimacy has had on you will be broken. Ryan releases the read3r to run to their God given identity. You will find freedom and purpose as you read this powerful book! 

Lead Pastor, Ronnie Phillips Jr (Abba's House-Hixson, TN) From the moment Prophet Ryan Johnson sensed the Prophetic call on his life, he has pursued God with everything in him He is Gofd's man, my close friend, and a rising voice to this generation. This book will challenge you to embrace your God-given identity, and you will have a better understanding of how God operas after reading it. 

Apostle Sherri Ezzell (Founder, GroundBreakers Regional Prayer and Revival Hub and Tribe Network Senior Leader) Illegitimacy performs DNA repair on the Kingdom! Ryan Johnson has unveiled the KEY to advancing sonship! By exposing the spirit of illegitimacy, this book will empower sons and daughters to throw off the cloak of false identity and take their place in the Kingdom of God.


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